Daniel Ilabaca Parkour

Daniel Ilabaca is now 19. He has been practising parkour for most of his life and has know become one of the pioneer's of the sport. He is in a freerunning-group called Evolution but also Freeruns on his own.

Daniel has already got an admirable portfolio of commercial projects. After performing at the LZ7 Band Tour Launch and Dance Morpeth in 2005 Daniel appeared in ‘Jump London’, and then the worlds first ever Parkour TV commercial for Roger’s Mobile. More recently Daniel was one of three Freerunnners performing to the crowds and formula 1 teams at the Bahrain Grand Prix. On May 6th 2006 he shot a Parkour v Peugeot street race through Liverpool for Top Gear. This was broadcasted in July and got an estimated 500 million viewers.

Daniel lives in Liverpool were he trains. The monkey gainer and palm flip were his creations. Also the moves created by others Freerunnners such as chase Armitage's loser wall flip were mastered and then developed by Dan to create the two sep loser wall flip. He was the first person to double back on the street.

As well as his skills at flips and freerunning Daniel is also extremely talented in parkour. His vaults can be huge and his sense of balance is next to perfect. He is also very flexible and is famous for the depth of his pike front flips.

He is good friends with chase Armitage and evolution. More about Daniel Ilabaca's freind Chase, here They often go to Basingstoke gym to train in a less dangerous and unforgiving environment. These trips to Basingstoke allow Daniel to perfect new moves so he is confident enough to perform them on the street.