Parkour Clothing

Parkour clothing
What should you wear to do parkour?

In Parkour, you may you may wonder what would be the safest clothes to wear, what clothes wont restrict your movement and weather or not you have to wear protective gear. Well this is the parkour-online guide to what you should wear to do parkour!

Unlike most other sports doing parkour doesn’t require you buying expensive equipment. You can do parkour wearing almost anything. However, you do need a decent pair of trainers.

What I look for when buying parkour trainers, is four things. They have to be grippy, hard wearing, comfortable and durable. Really there is no way of seeing weather the shoes are grippy until you try them, and with most shoes the amount of grip varies depending on the surface of the wall. If a shoe is hard wearing it will probably look it, if it looks cheap and nasty it won’t last very long. Especially because of the stress it will be put through during parkour.

Comfortability is a key factor; if you are wearing shoes that are uncomfortable it might affect your ability. Also check that the size of the shoe is right. Too big or too small might make them prone to slipping off, and that can lead to injury. But always remember, parkour ruins shoes so don’t expect them to last years.

Your Parkour Clothing
What you wear when doing parkour is entirely up to you. Some people find loose fitting flowing clothes suites them. Others find skin-tight under armour is best. What ever suits you is fine, along as it is easy to move in. As far as protective gear goes. You don’t need it. Occasionally you might find people pad their shoulders up when rolling on concrete but that’s about it. I think it is best just to have you and the environment. No plastic or rubber in the way. If you are not concentrating or make a mistake without protective gear it’s going to hurt. Not having it keeps you aware of this danger and forces you to concentrate on what you’re doing.

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