Parkour Training Tips!

Parkour Training Tips
Starting Parkour and Freerunning
Some people think parkour looks easy others think it looks impossibly hard. Whatever you think, Parkour is not easy but it is also possible. With the right attitude and the will to perfect technique, who knows how far you could get. There is no end to parkour your ability is always improving and there is no barrier to reach when you are ‘finished’, there is always a new spot to train or a new jump to jump.

Parkour is an amazingly enjoyable sport. The feeling of doing a move you have been trying to go for or doing something before any of your friends is incredible. What you can achieve is limitless. Parkour is a lot about training with others. If you can not find someone you know to train with check out the register your group page, or check the forums. If you still need help email us and we’ll do our best to try and find you your nearest crew. There are also hundreds of online communities willing to help with more parkour training tips. The best way to start is to watch pro traceurs in action, to get you in the spirit.

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Parkour Clothing

Unlike most other sports doing parkour doesn’t require you buying expensive equipment. You can do parkour wearing almost anything. However, you do need a decent pair of trainers.

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What exactly is parkour and Freerunning?

Parkour and Freerunning are different but not entirely. Parkour was developed prior to Freerunning by David Belle. It consists of vaults and jumps. The deep philosophy behind parkour is not be controlled by your surroundings, which most people are. They have to walk along certain designated paths to get from A to B, but by using parkour there are no architectural boundaries and your path is free for you to choose.

The word 'Freerunning' was first developed by Sebastein Foucan in order to make the word 'parkour' more accessible to an English-speaking audience. But Freerunning now does differ slightly from parkour; the freerun philosophy is less about choosing your own path but more about fun and creativity. Freerunning involves somersaulting, flipping and flaring and has a second goal of trying to make Freerunning look impressive.

Parkour is considered by some to be a way of thinking, a way of training and a method by which to develop one's spirit and inner strength through movement, as taught by the founders in France. The philosophy is considered a main part of Parkour. The main point in the philosophy of parkour is to understand that parkour is not just a sport. It is not just completing a list of moves or vaults. Parkour is a way of thinking and training. It helps you get from A to B as quickly and efficiently as possible. The vaults and jumps used are only by-products of this way of thinking.

Trying Parkour
There are much less predefined moves in parkour than sports such as gymnastics, because of the original idea that the moves are just bi-products of the way of thinking. However there are still some movements considered to be most basic and that most traceurs practise and start with.

The most important movements to practise and perfect are jumping and landing. The standard PK roll is used to spread the impact of a jump over your whole body, and then flow into the next movement.

After perfecting the roll vaults would be he next basic movement to try. Vaults are used to clear or overcome most obstacles and there are many types. There are several vaults that are completely efficient and there are others which are used sometimes only to add fun to the vault, or make it look more impressive. These vaults sacrifice their efficiency and tend to be used less by experienced traceurs and more by freerunners. Most vaults are specifically designed to be used on specific obstacles. But learning specific vaults is not as recommended as learning to think on the spot and adapt easily.

Flips stir up much debate about whether they are truly parkour. They are not the most efficient way of moving and most experienced traceurs argue they are only designed to look impressive. Newer traceurs think that parkour is about being free to choose how you move through a specific environment, but it is probably because they are less informed. Generally flips are regarded as Freerunning and are not basic moves.

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