David Belle Parkour
- Father of Parkour


This is a recent video of David Belle Parkour called 'Urban Ninja'

David Belle was born in 1973 and grew up in Marine Seine Normandy. His grandfather and his brother were both firemen.

He was raised by his grandfather who gave David a passion for helping other people. He wanted to follow in his father and grandfather's footsteps by becoming a fireman, but because of a wrist injury, he decided to let the injury heal and give up this ambition. When his wrist healed he joined the army but he was un happy with the discipline. He quit the army but military training and his early training as a gymnast, were useful in developing parkour.

Parkour started of as a child-hood game between David and his friends. It simply began to turn into a sport and as David grew up the stunts grew in magnitude and quality.

Now parkour is practised world wide by thousands of traceurs and even now the barrier is being pushed higher with double somersaults and advanced variations of originally basic moves like 360 Kong’s and amazing combo's.

Here is some more videos of David Belle Parkour