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Northpoint has been going for three years. Originally started in 2005 by Dave Barber, Rob Barber, Max Cave and Benj Cave the Horsham based group started out with no previous experience in gymnastics, trampolining or anything else that would help them. They started with the basics, teaching themselves through trial and error, learning new moves and constantly improving.

Later on, in July 2007, Drew Taylor became the newest member of Northpoint. He'd been trampolining since 2004 and had competed in regional competitions. The techniques he'd learnt through trampolining enabled him to improve quickly when he first took up parkour in 2006, and by July 07 it was agreed he was up to the Northpoint standard. In 2008 Rob left the group and once again Northpoint comprised just four members. Northpoint is considered one of the best freerunning groups in West Sussex. They train regularly and their skills continue to improve.

    Northpoint has four members...
  • Drew Taylor - age 14
  • Dave Barber - age 14
  • Max Cave - age 16
  • Ben Cave - age 14

Latest Team Showreel and Other Projects

Recent Northpoint Parkour Events
Freerunning & Beatbox Show In March 2008 Northpoint performed in front of 800 pupils at a local secondary school, in aid of a charity. It was a voluntrary contricution and the performance managed to raise just under £200.

Is Northpoint available to do public shows and other performances?
Yes, we would be more than happy to perform in shows, television adverts, music videos, etc. Drop us an e-mail if you have an idea.

Does Northpoint have a sponsor?
No, Northpoint is currently only linked with We'd be happy to consider representing any business or product that has synergy with the sport. Send us your proposal and we'll talk.

Why is the group called 'Northpoint'?
Northpoint is the name of an office building sited on a freerun hotspot, where the boys first started training.

Is Northpoint looking for new members?
We're not looking for new members at present as we feel it might upset the dynamics of the group. However, we may consider it in the future. If you think you're good enough and you live locally, send us a video and tell us a bit about about yourself.

For media enquiries contact Drew

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