Parkour Team Move in Mysterious Ways

by The Resident 14. August 2009 13:21

Even more enjoyable than watching the young and welcoming group of free-running friends in the Horsham Movement, is watching the faces of passers-by.

Parkour Team Move in Mysterious Ways

Most slow down or even stop, seemingly impressed by the athletic abilities of the teenagers as they perform a daring series of flips and jumps, while others look on almost in disgust.

None of it is lost on the small band of former Tanbridge House School pupils that makes up Horsham Movement, set up two years ago to meet and practice the art of Parkour, or free-running.

Aaron Harty said: “Sometimes it seems like we’re treated like vandals or they look at us as though these are acts of stupidy.”

Drew Taylor added: “They see it differently to how we see it. But we’re always very friendly to anyone who wants to talk to us, as we’d like to grow the group and develop Parkour in Horsham.”

In fact, the group, which also has Max and Ben Cave, Steve Whitley and Luke Harty amongst its core members, is even hoping to secure a weekly spot at the Pavilions in the Park where they can develop their skills.

Steve said: “Ideally we would like to have a good relationship with the Pavilions and the council. If we had a couple of hours each week where we could set up a training course we could then develop the group.”

Drew added: “It would also be the best way to get new members. A lot of young people see us and like it, but it’s difficult to start as there’s no room for error - they just see concrete!”

Max - currently nursing an injury sustained from a jump, although bad falls are not as common as you might assume -  highlighted the case of Basingstoke, where a similar scheme for a Parkour group saw numbers soar.

But for now places such as the Carfax bandstand, the tree near Sainsbury’s, the subways and even St Mark’s Church by Sun Alliance will have to do! 

You can watch some breathtaking footage of the group, expertly edited by Steve, by typing ‘Horsham Movement’ into Youtube.