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The Parkour Way of Thinking - Drew Tayor 28/01/09

Most people are satisfied with walking or even unaware that it is possible to challenge the environment, a growing number of people have begun to discover the possibilities of more efficient movement, this realization is the key to the parkour way of thinking.

Parkour has always existed. Before humans discovered concrete, walking or running was the most efficient way to travel. But humans still seem to be decades behind in terms of transport requiring nothing but your body. We need to adapt to the modern environment. Walking is no longer the most efficient way of travelling.

The parkour way of thinking can be discovered entirely by ones self, or it can be introduced by others. Once someone has been introduced to the techniques of parkour their whole life changes. Not only do traceurs begin to see the world in a completely different way, they start to go about their every day lives in very different ways as well. After someone has learnt how to overcome obstacles in the most efficient way, they will never, not use the techniques because it would be stupid to deliberately make something harder than it has to be. They then start seeing obstacles completely differently, rather than a dead end walls are seen as a conquerable challenge.

This way of thinking is then often transferred into conquering physical or mental obstacles in everyday life. There is always an efficient way to overcome these dilemmas, you just need to know the basic techniques. Of course these techniques become more efficient with practise, just like parkour techniques. Training for parkour must therefore reflect this, and always keep efficiency of the utmost importance. The training involved in developing this way of thinking is often more mental that physical. At all stages in your training life the body is in most cases much more capable than the mind will allow. When starting out one of the most difficult challenges facing you is coordinating the mind and body. How we act is a direct cause of how we think so the mind has to be constantly focused on the current challenge in all aspects of training.

In most cases when practitioners start training, they make commitments in their life to improve their physical capabilities. This may include adapting their diet, increasing and toning muscle or just giving up the time to train.

Parkour is all about the way of thinking. There are no obstacles just a dash here a cat there maybe.

All the things above happend within seconds. And shortening this period of time, between seeing the obstacle to performing the move is also another key technique. Eventually it will flow effortlessly and gracefully.

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