Monkey Vault or Kong Tutorial

The monkey vault or kong is one of the most basic vaults, and the one you should learn before any other.

Warm up prior to doing any parkour, you may want to do a sports related warm up, like doing vaults or jumps that you find easy, after streching of course.

Choose a rail or wall to Kong over. You may find it easier to do it on something you can jump over first. But you don't have to. Make sure you know what your landing on aswell. Landing on a bench is not ideal! You may find it easier or less scary to do it on a rail than a wall or visa versa, whatever suites you. They height of the obstacle is also up to you I find around belly-button height is just right for me.

Run up to the obstacle at a pace that suites you. The faster you go the more distance is possible to generate and again visa versa.

You can take off one or two feet depending on your preference's. Two is generally easier for begginers, and one foot fluently off your run is easier to gain distance.

At the same time of your spring, put both of your hands on the obstacle, slightly wider than the width of your shoulders. Also make sure your legs can get through them. It is quite important to keep your arms straight so as to keep as much room or your legs to fit through and not clip.

Tuck your legs up to fit through your arms and at the same time push forward with your hands. Lean forward in mid air, so you dont clip this is very important. You lean forward so your feet stay higher and wont get clipped

You can let go of the wall/rail as soon as your legs are underneath you. But as you let go spot your landing.

As you land you can roll or land but absorb the impact either way. Roll if you are performing a kong drop down.

See the Monkey vault video here