My Group,

This page is dedicated to my Freerunning group.

I joined Northpoint on the 25th of July 2007 which just happened to be my birthday! The group had been going for two years and had been developing and growing throughout. In September 2005 not long after the group’s beginning I met two of the traceurs in the group as they were in my class at school.

I did not know of their capabilities until May when they did back flip’s off a bar in the park near where we live. I was inspired and instantly knew I wanted to do it because I was already comfortable with somersaults thanks to my trampolining history. I tried a few front flips of a bin but that was about it.

Then a lot later I discovered their video on the internet. This inspired me even more and I began a group called accelerate with my other similarly inspired friend. Our group never really took off and only ever released one video. I quit because I felt that I was being held back by the other two members.

I then freeran on my own tagging along with my current group and other groups. Then on the 25th July one of the members of approached me when we were out Freerunning and asked me to join. I immediately accepted and am still in that group to this day.

Our latest video, Northpoint Winter Part 3
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