Parkour philosophy

Parkour philosophy is an important part of parkour, but most people are unaware of how important it is. The philosophy is important in understanding the true point or meaning of parkour.

Alot of traceurs take the way of thinking they learn through parkour and apply it to everyday life. By challenging yourself to find ways of travelling through ubran environments it challenges your body both mentally and physically, to think quickly, spontaneously and out side the box. This makes it easier to deal with mental or physicall obstacles in life.

Whenever a difficult situation appears, a traceur can see this situation as an obstacle that they have learned to over come using parkour. They can then overcome the situation as efficiently as possible and without disrupting their intended path. This path, even for those with the same goal, may not be the same the point being that you should find your own path, to identify it and then to travel it in the way that suites you. Parkour is a way of thinking and training. The vaults and jumps used are only by-products of this way of thinking.

It can also teach you the most efficient way to over come fear.

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I want to live and share what I have learned, not just write it in a book that will make it a dead activity and we don’t want the sport to die.