Parkour warm up

Parkour Warm Up You should always warm up prior to freerunning/parkouring especially because of how physically demanding they both are. Warming up is important because in doing so you will reduce your risk of injury and aches the next day. People often wonder what the best way to warm up before Parkour and I'm going to tell you...

There are three steps to a good parkour warm up...

The general warm-up
Sport-specific activity

It is important to warm your muscles up before stretching to prevent injury!

The general warm up consists of a light jog or run just to warm your muscles up and to get your heart pumping.

Stretching is fairly self explanatory, it is to stretch out your muscles in order for prevent injury again :P

The sport-specific activity is some easy parkour, me and my friends often do a vaults game where you have to perform the same vault as the person who began, the point of this is to get your body used to the demand of parkour.

Warming up can do more than just loosen stiff muscles, it actually improve your performance.

Warm up Guide...

This is a clear plan of a warm up routine this should be done everyday before you start any parkour.

Step one

Find a spot for your warm up. It needs to have, a small wall on grass that is perfect height for comfortable vaulting, and an area to jog around

Step Two

Warming up This is literally the process of warming up. A proper warm-up should raise your body temperature by a couple degrees.

Go on a jog up and down by your previously chosen wall. Assign movements to specific numbers, for example when some one says 'one' you have to roll or touch your right hand on the ground. Do this for about 5 mins. Do not get completely tired out it should be easy to talk whilst doing this.

Step two

Stretching This consists of two types of stretching and you should use both.

After your jog do the following..

Static stretches - Hold for 5 seconds each... You should complete all of the stretches pictured below

Dynamic stretches -

30 High knees, 20 Lunges, opening and closing a gate with your inner/outer thighs.(Not a real gate, pretend :D)

After you have finished stretching shake off your joints roll your ankles, wrists and neck

Step three

Sport Specific this is the activity which gets you ready for actual parkour.

It is some easy parkour, you can do a wide variety of activities but I suggest this...

Do a vaults game. The idea is that you have to perform the same vault as the person who began, the person who starts switches each time. You can progressively make the vaults harder, to create a smooth transition into the hard physical demand of parkour.

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