Tricking and Parkour

Tricking is a relatively new urban sport. It is a sport similar to Freerunning which combines martial arts, gymnastics, and breakdancing.

It originated from martial arts like taekwondon, wushu and capoeira, combining various specific movements to create one new urban sport. Common tricking moves are flashy kicks, complex flips and twists.

The point of tricking is to create an impressive show of moves. There are no rules or boundaries nor any governing body to regulate the sport. The trickers are allowed to perform any manoeuvre and call it a trick, though there are moves which are more common and accepted as 'tricks'. Beginners start at easy moves to master E.g. Butterfly kicks, aerials, and backflips. Some people find other moves more difficult and easier and the difficulty of a trick will differ between tricksters.

The practitioners can be separated by the there style of tricks. Some perform mainly martial-arts-style tricks. Others perform freestyle which involves more gymnastics, breakdance and doing multiple rotations in basic tricks.

As said previously tricking is a relatively new sport and has only recently been established as a recognised activity. However the skills and tricks used in the sport have been around for much longer and it is unclear to as where the sport originated.

In the 1990s, martial arts on a competitive level began incorporating more advanced techniques and tricks. And as these newer, more impressive and complex movements started to be incorporated at competitions a new generation of martial arts emerged, so much so that this meant including or excluding certain movements or tricks in competitions.

Tricking grew at the beginning of the 21st century via the internet. Sites entirely dedicated to teaching the sport grew, and by the end of 2003 the tricking community was well-established and numerous tricking videos appeared on video sites like Youtube and metacafe.

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