Parkour Games

There are not alot of parkour games on the web. Infact there is only one online game specifically designed to imitate parkour.

The game is called FreeRun and is not spectacluar, but is quite fun. Hopefully as parkour grows it will gather the interest of more and more game designers. But for now all we can do is hope any game designers reading this, can create a realistic online PK game.

There are more games available on common platforms.

The game Freerunning for PlayStation 2 and PSP was released in March 2007. Traceurs worked with the designers at ubisoft to create the worlds first PK game.

The ability to get the adrenelin rush, and freedom from parkour without actually putting yourself in danger gives the game has the potential to be a great success. Freerunning takes the form of most extreme sports games, with goals and challenges hidden around a selection of stereotypically urban environments.



Follow the onscreen instructions and don't stop running, whatever you do. Don't press the wrong key either, or you'll have to start again from the beginning

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