Commercialization and growth of Parkour

The growth of parkour has lead to a game being developed, and it has been growing consistently since its creation. It started of just between David Belle and his friends then it gradually grew throughout France, and eventually the rest of Europe. In the past few years the growth of parkour has increased dramatically thanks to jump London. Before 2003 parkour was relatively unheard of.

2003 was a good year for the for parkour growing but then 2004 held the birth of the first Freerunning movie featuring the father of parkour David Belle!

Parkour now is still not well known and most people you ask will say, 'What’s that?'. But dozens of advertising campaigns have now been designed around the idea of the no-boundaries philosophy of Freerunning, and thousands of Parkour/Freerunning videos can now be found on YoutTube and other video sites.

I predict it will get much bigger than it is now and more people will no about it. You only need to see it once to know what it is, and if there is one group in each city who knows how big it could get!

The first parkour game has been developed for the play station and other common games platforms, 'Freerunning' this was co-designed by the urbanfreeflow team so that the moves and graphics are as accurate as possible.

Also k-Swiss have discovered the open market of Freerunning shoes, with the Ariake see more on the parkour shoe page.

And Parkour is still growing!