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Basic Knowledge 3 W's (Start Here)
What is Parkour?
Parkour is a discipline that gives people with the desire to improve themselves an opportunity to do so in a way that is enjoyable and tackles both physical and mental aspects of everyday life....
Who Founded Parkour?
Crediting one person with the invention of Parkour is difficult to do. Firstly parkour has been around as long as humans have, natural efficient movement will have been used in prehistory when chasing or escaping...
Why Practise Parkour?
A lot of people practise parkour, and many people want to start. However there are millions who don’t, so why bother practising parkour? If you want to start parkour purely because you want to impress people with...
Training and Practise
Common Movements
First off, it’s important to remember that Parkour doesn’t have a list of defined moves to perform. Practitioners face dealing with every challenge and obstacle in a unique way, as all challenges are unique....
Training in the Winter
Its obvious that it is harder to train in the winter, than in the summer. The rain, the cold, and snow, can all render the best training spots temporarily un-trainable. There are ways of getting round these dilemmas...
The Parkour Way of Thinking
Most people are satisfied with walking or even unaware that it is possible to challenge the environment, a growing number of people have begun to discover the possibilities of more efficient movement, this realization is the key to the parkour way of thinking.
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